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The Institute is a non-profit organization devoted to education, training, research and consultancy in the areas of Technology, Management, Governance, and Development. The Institute has associated itself with those areas of technology and other disciplines, which have a bearing on Management/ Governance / Development. The world class campus of ASTRAL Institute of Technology and Research is built on sprawling 12 acres at Bypass Road, the upcoming place of Indore. ASTRAL will set new standards for institutions of higher learning in the state. It intends to create an entity that will aspire to be best in the country.
Institute Location
  • Indore
    • Astral Institute of Technologies & Research Kaiload Kartal Bypass Road Indore Madhya Pradesh India

Institute Contacts
  • Indore
    • Astral Institute of Technologies & Research Kaiload Kartal Bypass Road Indore Madhya Pradesh India
      +91-731-6450155 +91-731-2036458
Other Info
In the paradigm of lifelong education the importance of the institution has acquired further strategic dimensions. For instance, higher education development as well as the focal point of learning in society, it is also a repository and creator of knowledge. It will operate in close collaboration with reputed Engineering and other relevant institutions in India and overseas, with an emphasis on international orientation. Institute will be grooming students to become technical and business leaders who can influence management and technical trends and practices through their thought leadership. Our students would be a part of a learning culture where individual vision, intellectual discipline, and a sense of teamwork are valued. The Institute will aspire to create synergies between India, Asia, and the global business and technical environment. We will offer unique perspectives on emerging markets, especially on India and China, which are key markets for many of the world’s leading corporations. Curriculum would shares best practices on how to combine technology and entrepreneurship, and capitalizes on the opportunities of the global economy. The Institute’s programmes bring a cutting-edge focus on entrepreneurship, technology, managing the emerging markets, and leadership and technology change in all areas of tremendous relevance. Our programmes focus on some of the most relevant technical issues that corporations face the world over. The involvement of technical people in curriculum development would give learning at the institute a pragmatic approach with a clear technology focus. Our focus area will be:
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