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B.Sc.(Hons) in Biotechnology
Course Details
In view of the increasing demand for training manpower in the area of Molecular Biology, Genetic Medicine and Biotechnology, it was consensus of the committee (Faculties & experts) that this course should be broad based and should be able to give a good insight into modern biology and important component of hands-on training to the students. Thus by nature it will be an interdisciplinary course. Genetic engineering, which transfers genes from one species to another, has greatly enhanced the power of Biotechnology, which facilitates the manufacture of products particularly drugs that can not be obtained in any other way. This power can also be used to create organisms, such as plants resistant to attack by insects, which do not occur in nature. Techniques involved are cell or tissue culture; cloning and fermentation, cell fusion etc.
Course Specialisaton
  • Biotechnology
  • Eligibility
    For admission, students from Science stream with 10+2 (HS exam) or equivalent (ISC, CBSE etc.) exam will be eligible.
    Other Details
    Rs. 1,45,000/-
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    (Affiliated to West Bengal University of Technology)
    Placement Assistance
    The institute offers a few scholarships for both undergraduate and Post graduate students. Eligibility Criteria are as follows and at the sole discretion of the institute. Students with more than 95% marks secured at 10+2 level. Free scholarships for Post Graduate course to the student coming first in the merit list of Graduation at IGE.
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    The institute has hostel for girl students near the campus and hostel for the boy students would be available shortly.
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    Candidates willing to take admission contact at the above address/Ph. No. for advance registration.
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    30, Thakurhat Road, Badu. Kolkata - 700128
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