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The Integral University is a Premier University in the Capital of Uttar Pradesh which has been established under the Act number 9 of 2004 by the U. P. State Government. The famous Institute of Integral Technology, Lucknow has been elevated to a full fledged University. This is a historical event that within a span of 6 years, an Engineering College on account of its educational standard, value based education in a highly disciplined and decorous environment has been recognized all over the country with the result that it was elevated as a full-fledged University by the State Government.The University is located about 13 Km. away from the heart of Lucknow city on Lucknow Kursi Road at a peaceful and serene place against the sylvan beauty of kukrail Jungles. It has a residential complex, well planted landscape and a conducive environment for educational excellence. Hostels and residence buildings, activity centers surrounds the central clusters of buildings with all educational and administrative facilities.
Institute Location
  • Lucknow
    • Integral University, Dasauli, P.O. Bas-ha Kursi Road Lucknow Uttar Pradesh India
      2890730 2890812
Institute Contacts
  • Lucknow
    • Integral Unversity , Dasauli , P.O.Bas-ha Kursi Road, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh India
      2890730 2890812
Other Info
The University has a marvelous ambience conducive to higher and dedicated academic pursuits. The campus has all the facilities like health center, canteen, students activity center, PCO, Gymnasium, Playground, Post Office and Bank etc. This promising University has a great challenge before it. But the indefatigable and Undaunted spirit of the members of the society who work in a coherent and integrated approach and, who brought about the formation of the University within six years from the inception of the Institute of Integral Technology will face the challenges squarely and amicably and put the Integral University in the forefront of all the other Universities of the country.
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