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The V. Rangasamy Naidu Educational Trust devoted to the cause of promoting Technical and Scientific Literacy, established Coimbatore Institute of Technology (CIT) in 1956. CIT is one of the most reputed and prestigious educational institutions in South India since 1956. The Institute backed by world class research and development attained autonomous status in 1987 and is affiliated to the Anna University. The Institute boasts of strong Academic–Industrial Interaction and a high quality of research and consultancy. CIT, managed by a pedigreed lineage for the past 50 years, enjoys national repute. The Institute has the services of competent and qualified faculty, and visionary management to enhance the quality of education at all levels and maintain its position in emerging globalisation
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  • Coimbatore
    • Coimbatore Institute of Technology Civil Aerodrome Post Coimbatore Tamil Nadu India
      +91-422-2574071 +91-422-2574072
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  • Coimbatore
    • Coimbatore Institute of Technology Civil Aerodrome Post Coimbatore Tamil Nadu India
Other Info
CIT specialises in high quality teaching with emphasis on fundamentals and innovative concepts. The Institute offers liberty for the faculty and students to think and implement their ideas with a focus on the time lines maintaining competent and high academic standards. The faculty and students possess an immense range of adaptable skills to the ever changing technology. Group Dynamics is the strengthening factor unique to the Institution. The process of learning in CIT is based on a global outlook to prepare the students to work in the global economy making them ready to encounter challenges from new frontiers. All the Departments are well staffed and well equipped to meet the needs of latest technological trends and International standards.The total Campus area is 25.4 hectares. The Red Buildings in the campus houses Laboratories for various departments. CIT has 40,000sq.m. of built up area for Academic and Administration purposes and all facilities for most of the sports and games. There are currently around 3000 students pursuing their technical education. There is a separate Library block, state of the art Auditorium, a Guest House, a Canteen, Hostel blocks and a Bank.
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