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SIMS is not merely an entrepreneurial venture in the field of education. It is the result of a long drawn thought process involving industrialists, educationists, representatives of young generation and social workers to give a new direction to the whole learning process to meet the futuristic needs despite cultural and infrastructure constraints of the region which can make its own mark on the globe. While basic Mission and Vision Statements have been drawn keeping the future global scenario in mind, the whole learning environment is going to be based very much on Unique Indian Values System of ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam’.
Institute Location
  • Indore
    • Sanghvi Institute of Management & Science Behind IIM Pigdambar, Rau Indore Madhya Pradesh India
      0731-4243411 0731-4243413

Institute Contacts
  • Indore
    • Sanghvi Institute of Management & Science Sapphire Twins, 16-17, A.B. Road, 2nd Floor Chautha Sansar, office Building Indore Madhya Pradesh India
Other Info
We don't want to build an institution to only deliver education. We wish to develop a learning center where management faculty and students will be involved in a continuous learning process. We believe that education is not only about passing examinations, getting a degree and landing with a job. It is about growing as a human being with the right Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes. This is what our logo depicts. It symbolizes a Bird (The life) that can fly high with strong wings and body of Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes. The colour green is a symbol of life and freshness.
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