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Institute Description
IISE owes its origin to Disabled Children Education Trust (DCET). Dr. Girish Bihari had a mandate to build an institution for the rehabilitation of disabled people from his elder brother Maj. Subhash Bihari, who died in consequence of 1965 Indo-Pak war, where he was hit by a Pakistani grenade in Puri Sector of Jammu and Kashmir. Late Justice Guru Sharan Lal Srivastava of Allahabad High Court blessed Dr. Girish Bihari and agreed to become the Trustee of the Disabled Children Education Trust (DCET). DISABLED CHILDREN EDUCATION TRUST WAS THEN REGISTERED AS A CHARITABLE TRUST WITH DISTRICT REGISTRAR, LUCKNOW VIDE REGISTRATION NO.13/91 DT. 8.4.1991. Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India registered this Trust for receiving foreign contributions vide their letter no.II/21022/73(50)/91-FERA III dated 3.4.92. IISE (International Institute for Special Education) was conceived by the Trust to be its first institution for the rehabilitation education of disabled people. Thus, as a subsidiary of DCET it was registered under Society Registration Act, 1960 vide Registration no.197 dated 19.4.1991. IISE / DCET is the owner of a total 3.5 Lakh square feet of land. 145 rooms, including all utilities and all sizes of rooms have been constructed on this land as on April 15, 2005.
Institute Location
  • Lucknow
    • International Institute For Special Education Kanchana Bihari Marg ( off Ring Road Via Kalyanpur ) Lucknow Uttar Pradesh India
Institute Contacts
  • Lucknow
    • International Institute For Special Education Kanchana Bihari Marg ( off Ring Road Via Kalyanpur ) Lucknow Uttar Pradesh India
Other Info
IISE is the name of both the educational institution called IISE as well as the name of the Society registered under Registration of Society Act 1860. IISE College has three wings. IBS – IISE’s Business School, which is run by a Director IIIT – IISE’s Institute of Information Technology The Mass Communication Wing At the initiative of President, IISE Society, another Society has been registered under the Act of 1860. It is called eMITS i.e. Electronic Management and Information Technology Solutions. eMITS has now established FIeMITS i.e. Film Institute of eMITS. FIeMITS has a Director General under whom many Directors work,who are related to the various fields of film industry. FIeMITS is controlled by eMITS, which has its own Governing Council under a President. IISE also has its own Governing Council under a President. Both the Presidents have appointed one Chairman and Managing Director who controls the educational activity of IBS and IIIT and FIeMITS. The Directors and Director General report to CMD. The Memorandum of Association of IISE/eMITS and the Rules framed under Memorandum have been registered with Registrar Chits and Fund Society of the Government of U.P.
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