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Institute Description
The Vodithala Education Society was established with the objective to establish, aid and maintain Educational and other Institutions, to impart education at all stages for the promotion of Engineering, Medicine, Law, Commerce, Literature, Arts and Sciences and all other subjects for diffusion of useful knowledge in Andhra Pradesh and any where in India and to devise ways and means and accord facilities for candidates to specialise in all or any of the above subjects.
Institute Location
  • Nagpur
    • Kavikulguru Institute of Technology And Science Ramtek, Nagpur Maharashtra India

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  • Nagpur
    • Kavikulguru Institute of Technology And Science Ramtek Nagpur Maharashtra India
Other Info
Ramtek is one of the important pilgrim centres and tourist attractions of Maharashtra State. It has both mythological and historic importance. It is about 45 kms from Nagpur and is well connected by road and rail. It is a serene town abounding in scenic beauty and is free from noise and air pollution. Tourists from all over India come to visit Ramtek. It is hallowed by the feet of Lord Rama when he visited the ashram of the great sage Agastya on the hill nearby. It is at this holy place that Lord Rama took a vow to destroy the demons. Hence the place came to be known as Ramgiri or Ramtek. Hence the place came to be known as Ramgiri or Ramtek. During the reign of Vakataka King in Vidarbha around 400 A.D the great poet Kalidasa visited Ramtek on a royal mission. Captivated by the idyllic atmosphere in and around Ramgiri, he gave expression to his famous epic Meghdootam. This fact is suitably commemorated by the Maharashtra State Government by erecting a monument on the hill where Kalidasa sat and concieved the great epic. Ramtek is basically a taposthala from time immemorial where great souls engaged themselves in the quest of enlightenment. The greatest of Buddhist philosophers and Indian alchemists Acharya Nagarjuna lived here. Chakradharaswamy of Mahanobhava Panth lived and meditated here about 600 years back. A famous Jain Temple is also erected at Ramtek.
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